Build – Operate – Transfer


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Using our unique Build-Operate-Transfer model, organizations can succeed by building their own capabilities in order to own and drive their digital transformation this is an alternate way to access talent and decrease your time to market.

Phase of BOT Model

In this phase, we take up activity concerning the setting up of the operation unit. This encompasses everything ranging from selecting the buildings, setting up and installing infrastructures such as IT devices, the Internet, computers, among other things. This is also the phase where staff employment happens, as well as setting up the legal framework, and putting together an administration.


During the operate phase, we undertake activities like team alignment, operation monitoring, team setting, operation benchmarks.


During the transfer phase, the final transfer of project ownership is done from the outsourcing partner to the client. However, this happens only when the client has declared that it is ready to fully take control of the project, or when the contract has expired. When this happens, the client acquires a new offshore subsidiary, a transfer of assets, and some handover operation.

Our FeaturesWhy BOT With ITSource ?

Cost Saving
Acquire digital skills despite a market shortage for talent
Minimize Risk
Rapid Scaling
Simplify your decision processes and focus on value
Accelerate your time to market in delivering apps
Quick access to newer technologies
Reshape rigid IT systems
Engage all of your employees in your company-wide adoption of digital